Make money online by working in Appen

Make money online by working in Appen: Hello Friends, Today in this post I want to tell you on how you can “make money online by working in Appen.” So please read this complete article for more information about it.

First of all, I want to tell you something about the Appen and then I will tell you the method to make money from this company.

What is Appen?

Appen is an Australian based company which was known as the Leapforce or Leapforceathome but Appen Butler Hills fully acquired Leapforce and changed its complete branding to Appen and you can also call it Connect Appen.

Now let’s understand what kind of services they provide. Appen usually provides its services for improving Search Engine like Google and Social Media platform like Facebook etc.

Let me clear more about it with an example. Suppose you are surfing Facebook and suddenly you got an advertisement in the News Feed which is making fun of your Color, Caste, Religion etc so what do you feel. I think you will feel too bad and it will, of course, hurt you. So for controlling these type of activities, they hire real people like us because computers and the latest technology are not too much advanced like Real Humans.

Now I think it is clear for you about Appen.

So in a small summary this company usually hire people on the contract basis to control the search engines and social media platforms and in return, they pay you on an hourly basis. And currently in India there pay rate is about $3/ hour which is enough for a normal Indian person and if you are reading this post from US or UK and from the other country so the pay rate may be much more.

How to become a part of Appen or how to get a job in Appen:

If you are curious to know how to become a part of this company or how you can get a job in Appen so please read this complete article because here I am going to tell you everything about it.

For becoming a part of Appen you have to arrange some things which are as follow:

  • A smartphone with an Android or iOS operating system.
  • Laptop or a PC with preinstalled Windows or Mac Operating system.
  • Chrome browser in your PC or Laptop.
  • PAN card if you are applying from India.
  • Saving Bank account for receiving your hard earned money.
  • A well-written Resume in the English language.
  • Basic written and verbal English knowledge.
  • An internet connection. If you do not have a DSL connection so you can also use your mobile hotspot.
  • A QR code reader application in your mobile phone for mobile verification purpose.

If you have all the above-mentioned things so you apply in this company very easily.

In the last part of this article, I have given you an apply button but please read this complete article because it can be confusing for you to apply.

When you click on the Apply button which I have given you in the bottom of this page. So you will redirect to a website whose name is Appen. On that website page, you will find a drop-down menu which will look like this:

Here you have to select your country and language. And if in case you do not find your country and language so I am really very sorry you are not eligible for it. But in my knowledge, they support most of every country.

After choosing your won country and language you will redirect to a page which will look like this:

On this page, you will find two “Click here to apply” links so click any one of them because both have the same permalink or web address.

Now after clicking on the ” Click Here to Apply” link you will redirect to the Appen Registration Form which will look like this:

Please fill this complete form carefully and please don’t do any mistake while filling this form otherwise you can loose the change to become the part of this company. And this company only hire real and loyal people not the spammers so do not use any fake information especially your email. And while filling the form select independent contractor in the contract type.

After filling this complete form with your genuine information click on the submit button. And then Appen will email you a verification email which you have to open and you have to confirm it and then you will redirect to a page where you have to provide your PAN card information like its no. and along with this, you have to submit its scanned image also and this is just for the verification purpose. Here in this step you can also use your Driving License or Passport but I highly recommend you the PAN card because they usually pay with the Payoneer and for creating an account in the Payoneer you need a PAN card so without PAN card you cannot apply in this company and this is just for the Indian people. If you are reading this article from another country so you may have different documents.

After this step, they will show you a QR code which you have to scan using your Mobile QR code reader app. And when you scan the QR code your mobile’s default browser automatically open and you will get a message that your mobile is verified and into your desktop or laptop screen you will automatically redirect to a new page where they will ask you some kind of information like your date of birth, gender, etc so fill it properly and submit the application.

Now after doing all this process you will get an email from Appen that they will contact you again if you got selected or find fit into their criteria so just wait for their next email. If you get an invitation email from them so congratulations! they will give you some steps which you have to follow properly and in my case, they give me some documents to read and they also take a small exam which you can only clear if you read their given documents or preparation material carefully and they usually take the open book exam so do not worry about the exam too much but exam is exam so prepare for it.

And if in case you do not get the invitation email so wait for 2 months and then try again. And lastly, I want to give you a tip. Apply on Sundays because in my case I apply on Sunday and I got my invitation email on Monday.

Note: Only one person can apply from a single IP address means only one member from a family. 

Here is the Apply Button:

I hope you will like this article and you learn something new from it.

Thanks for reading this article and please share it along with your friends and family members.

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